Sunday, October 3, 2010

BoS2010 Lightning Talkers

The official list of speakers and topics for the Business of Software Lightning Talks. Below are the twitter feeds I've been able to find so far for those speakers. Comment below if you have more data; I'll update the document as I learn more.

Oh, and here is the same list on Twitter:

Joe Corkery

Alyssa Dver

Patrick Foley

Ellen & Adrian
Adrian: @amonter5

Brydon Gilliss

Portman Wills

Patrick McKenzie

Corey Reid

Mark Watts

Sanjay Singhal


Ellen & Adrian said...

Hey. I'm Adrian from crowdwscanner and my twitter handle is @amonter5 and Ellen's is @meetforeal, see you soon :))

Anonymous said...

I'm Brydon, twitter handle is @brydon

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Portman.

Twitter handle is the oh-so-uncreative @portman_wills.

WindAddict said...

Thanks all!

Adrian: nice talking with you last night at Whiskey Priest.