Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Startup Jesters: Passion for Our Products

Humorous situations anonymized to protect sources and the fools they work for.
"I would never use a [insert product category here]. I'm too vain."
- a CEO and Founder known for publicly picking his nose
What would you do if you worked for this jester?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

BoS2010 Lightning Talkers

The official list of speakers and topics for the Business of Software Lightning Talks. Below are the twitter feeds I've been able to find so far for those speakers. Comment below if you have more data; I'll update the document as I learn more.

Oh, and here is the same list on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#list/WindAddict/bos2010-lightning

Joe Corkery

Alyssa Dver

Patrick Foley

Ellen & Adrian
Adrian: @amonter5

Brydon Gilliss

Portman Wills

Patrick McKenzie

Corey Reid

Mark Watts

Sanjay Singhal

BoS2010 Android App

Paul GrahamWant to quickly see what's happening on twitter with the #BoS2010 hashtag? Download my free unofficial BoS2010 Android App (yes, it's hosted from my HopSafari.com domain). It lists the most recent tweets, lets you click on links, and has a retweet feature.

I've just been spending spare hours since Thursday writing the app, so let me know if you find a bug. It supports Android 2.1 and above, but may require you to go enable Settings: Applications: Unknown sources -- I'm not hosted on the Android Market.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Update: it's out for 3o seconds and already I spotted a bug. Version 1.1 released.

Update: Version 1.2 is out. Now there is a reply button in addition to retweet. Yay!