Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Cheap Standing Desk for Programming

This would be an artist's interpretation
if an artist did it.
I keep hearing more and more about how we're all killing ourselves slowly by sitting eight hours a day. You can read one anti-sitting article here.

I'd prefer my tombstone not to say "Died from an overdose of sitting," so some time ago I purchased a BJÖRKUDDEN table from Ikea. At 40 and 1/8 inches, it is probably their tallest table. It isn't the perfect height for me, but it works.

I put my MacBook Air on a shoebox to get the display a tad higher, but I'd ideally like to get an adjustable arm to raise my laptop even closer to eye height.

Does anyone else have a suggestion for an economical standing desk hack? What other improvements can I add to the system?

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