Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Spirit of BoS 2012: a Scholar's Account

Tower building at a #bos2012 workshop. Yes, the Business of Software Conference + Marshmallows.When I returned to work after this year's Business of Software Conference, I was unable to give a very good summary of the proceedings. Yes, I had learned a lot, I had met hundreds of wonderful, generous, successful entrepreneurs and developers. I even had a notebook stuffed with ideas and insights. But when my co-worker asked me how the conference went, the word "awesome" was really the best I could do. My slow brain is still processing the events of last week.

Lucky for me, Andrei Pop has done a lovely job of summarizing the spirit of BoS2012. Andrei was one of three recipients of my 2012 Business of Software Student & Recent Grad Scholarships (through my company Moving Average Inc.)

Read what Andrei has to say. You'll understand why the Business of Software Conference is my favorite conference.

*Updated 2013 March 25 to fix broken links to Andrei's posts.

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