How to get Wealthy

Fortune and Glory

Treasure. Riches. Wealth. Freedom. Sounds good, right? And yet so many of us don't have a plan for improving our situation in life. Why would we? Getting wealthy feels out of reach to us. None of our friends or family is rich. It must be impossible.

Or maybe deep in your heart, you believe wealth involves luck and placing the right bets. Your uncle Bob got lucky betting his last pennies on new denture technology. Now he lives in a castle and rides around in a metallic pink Rolls Royce! If only you could get lucky, you could buy a Rolls too. Maybe in a more tasteful color, and perhaps a Bugatti would be more fun.

Or perhaps you feel cynical. The tax man takes almost a third of our income. Our rent or mortgage steals another bite from our paycheck. Then there are our credit cards... Everyone wants a piece of our income! Nibble nibble nibble, and there is nothing left for us. It feels like our only chance for wealth is the lottery, or a giant bonus, or our company stock being worth something. But that's not true.

Wealth doesn't work like the movies. You don't need a rich mother, or a ground-breaking invention to get rich. You need to balance our spending and saving. You can get rich, even if you're unlucky, even if you just earn a normal paycheck.


Part of building your wealth is investing, and a big component of investing is dodging losses. By low. Sell high. It sounds obvious, but when the market is down and the news is screaming about disaster, you will feel tempted to sell low just like everyone else. Going against the investing herd feels scary. You need to change your thinking about stock market gains and losses.


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