Friday, April 15, 2016

Tools Mentioned at MicroConf 2016

MicroConfers love tools: tools to make money, to automate business processes, to make life better, to build businesses around. I'm sure that many businesses are only successful because of the boost in efficiency they get from the right tools. These are the tools that I heard mentioned at MicroConf:
  • Zencastr - web-based podcast recording
  • Zoom - video conferencing, screen sharing, etc.
  • Speaky - an app for reading web articles to you
  • Personal Capital - a more investment-oriented Mint competitor
  • Zapier - an web automation tool and competitor to ifttt
  • Hire Otto - another web automation tool, this one aimed at businesses
  • Pluralsight - a place to get royalties from technical tutorials
  • Ulysses - a tool for writing
  • Scrivener - a tool for writing
  • Remarq - creates well-designed documents from markdown
  • Trello - a tool for project and process management
  • - Steli Efti's Sales tool / CRM
  • Pipedrive - a Sales CRM
  • - automated email
  • - Mike Taber's new automated email tool
  • MastermindJam - a Mastermind matching service (if you have a business you need a mastermind group)
Self-promo: the app I'm working on, Passages. :)

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